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IFM Make Products

Upright Technologies is a professional Automation products provider and we supply all IFM Make Products.

Durable and highly reliable sensors for non-contact position sensing applications.
  • Inductive sensors IFS240,IGS232,IIS226,IFS244IGS236
  • Photoelectric sensors O8H200,O6H401,O6H309,O6P204
  • Fiber optics OBF500, OBF501, OBF502, OBF503
  • Capacitive sensors KG5043, KI5023, KG5047, KI0024
  • Optical fork and angle sensors OPU200, OPU208, OPU700,O PL205
  • Valve position sensors IN5327, IN0117, EVT010, AC2315
  • Magnetic sensors MFS211,MFS209,MFS210,MFT202,MGS204
  • Laser sensors OID251,EVC073,ODI200,O1D100
  • Switching amplifiers DN0001, DN0012, DN0200, DT0001
  • Cylinder sensors PX9119, PX9117, PX9134, PX9134
  • Distance measurement sensors O1D100, O1D103,O1D300, EVC005
  • Encoders RVP510, RV1025, RM3001, RN6055, RM3007
  • Speed sensors DI0101, E89013, E10077, E10031,MX5015
  • Inclination sensors JN2100, JN2200, EC2060, EC2061
  • Pulse evaluation systems DL2503, DX2012, E89150
  • Inductive safety sensors GF711S, GG712S, GM701S
  • Light curtains OY804S, OY807S, OY808S, OY819S
  • Safety relays G1501S, G1502S, G1503S, G2001S
  • Safety networking AC3225 ,AC1146,E70580, E70299
  • Vision sensor O2V100, O2V102, O2V104, O2V120, O2V122
  • Efectordualis image sensor O2D220, O2D222, O2D224
  • Sockets
  • Plugs
  • Connectors
  • Jumper cables
  • Splitter boxes
  • Adapter sockets
  • Bulkhead connector
  • Y-splitters
  • Pressure sensors PA3020, PA3021, PG2409
  • Vacuum sensors PN3129, PN3094, PI7993
  • Flow sensors SA3010, SI0508, SI0521, SN0150
  • Level sensors LK1222, LK3123, O1D300
  • Temperature sensors TS325A, TM4541,TR2432,TR7432